Patrick Walden Therapy



Individual Therapy

Patrick believes in the power of telling our stories as a means of healing, and of being fully seen and witnessed, both by the listener and the storyteller, which can aid in one discovering their own resilience, unique wisdom, and making a connection with one’s Higher Self. He helps to create opportunities to retell our stories in a way that can feel empowering and inspire change which offers freedom from the heavy baggage so many carry with us. Patrick sees his job as guiding his clients toward finding their own voices to discover that the answers already lay within. Unafraid to utilize directness, humor, or a to give a push when one is indicated.

I am truly thankful for your wisdom, guidance and humor, all of which have helped me to see truths about myself, see options available to me and move forward. I think today’s appointment went really well. Thank you, thank you.
— A Client

We’ve worked together for over two years, through three relocations, and across thousands of miles. I’ve never trusted someone more with my mental health. Patrick is a gem among therapists.
— A Client

Online Life Coaching Sessions

Patrick offers remote and online sessions with folks from all over. This is a useful options to folks far away from Patrick’s Western MA office or folks in rural or remote areas that have a lack in competent provider to meet their needs. He specializes in helping folks develop daily coping skills and insights around areas of Trauma, C-PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and folks working on issues around their gender and sexuality.


Trauma Informed Trainings

Patrick Walden, LICSW utilizes his specialties in Trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD to offer trainings to folks who are wishing to create workplaces and agencies that are Trauma Informed.

Patrick’s remains approachable and brings his sense of humor as he conducts hands-on trainings to transform agencies to be truly trauma informed.

Consider this option if you are part of one of the following:

  • youth centered agencies

  • mental health agencies

  • fire and police departments

  • corporate offices/corporations


Narrative Therapy


Narrative Therapy is a facilitated group writing and story sharing workshop. Join Patrick for a facilitated therapeutic space, where you’ll be led through timed writing prompts and have the opporunity to create and share your narratives with co-participants. The next workshop with be happening in June at Flourish on Avenue A in Turners Falls. $25.00 per participant. Group will be capped at 20 participants. Spots will be held on a first come basis. Please also bring with you something to write with and on. Participants will have the options to purchase their own darling notebooks at Flourish at a group rate.



20 people

Workshop cost:


Teacher profile:

Patrick Walden, LICSW has been working as a psychotherapist in Western MA for over a decade, where he specializes in PTSD and complex trauma, grief and loss and gender and sexuality. Patrick works utilizing a trauma informed lens and has a passion for writing and narrative based therapeutic modalities. He understands that the power inherent in utilizing our own voices to liberate ourselves, and the magic and transformation that can take place when were are witnessed in this, and most importantly, that our story isn’t over yet.